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About Us

Hello. Welcome to our family business where you are treated like family.
This is the story of two best friends.
How we became Brothers Motorworks.
Daniel Paeng
Charles Kwon

Daniel and Charles met in their freshman year at Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, GA. They began their first job together at Good Year Tires, and through this employment, it awakened their interest in the automotive business. Through this mutual interest, they decided to enroll in the GTC automotive program. Daniel was assigned to Toyota TTEN while Charles was assigned to the Nissan Pro Cap. Both graduated with a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology in 2003. Daniel worked at Atlanta Toyota for four years before beginning his 10-year career at Gwinnett Place Honda. Charles worked at Sutherland Nissan for three years before beginning his 16-year career at Regal Nissan.


Their ambition and passion led to the start of their own business with the help of Charles’ father, Mr. Kwon. Mr. Kwon is a former body mechanic who retired and passed his business to them. Brothers Motorworks was a family owned and operated business called First Class Auto which opened its doors in 1985. Mr. Kwon is known as an honest businessman. He was highly respected by his community, and customers today can expect to receive the same caliber of service from Daniel and Charles. Both Daniel and Charles factory-trained and certified.